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In the framework of current project we aim to develop a new GRAphene Biosensor Testing Osteogenic Potency (GRABTOP) that provides a prompt ex vivo quantitative measure of the biological activity of Mesenchymal Stem Cells with strong bioequivalence to bone formation in vivo. We aim to improve health in society by providing a novel potency measuring biosensor device as a cornerstone for Advanced Therapy Medical Product (ATMP) development.
The GRABTOP biosensor would significantly improve upon over conventional methods, greatly enhancing the clinical applicability of adult mesenchymal stem cells for bone repair, a high priority emphasized in legislative texts of the Horizon 2020 European program and in the national strategy for RDI 2014-2020 UEFISCDI.

GRABTOP project envisages sustainable development via Intellectual Property suitable for the development of new technologies for new clinical solutions involving adult mesenchymal stem cells.

GRABTOP project ambition is to install itself as an excellence research structure, with high national and international impact, being an unique landmark for the entire biosensors field. Thus GRABTOP project has the chance to attract funds and industrial collaborations, necessary for technologic transfer activities.

The GRABTOP project contributes to development of novel dedicated biosensor which facilitate potency measurement within a closed culture system and allow measurement closer to the point of stem cell application. Moreover GRABTOP expands the existing activities of the host RDI research in materials towards the biosensor for ex vivo quantitative measure of the biological activity of Mesenchymal Stem Cells, helping increase the competitiveness of the Romanian research in the key growth sectors of regenerative medicine and biosensors for health.